Information Centre in Fetsund, Norway

Situated in the largest inland river delta in northern Europe, the centre reflects the dominant elements of the region: the weather, waterpower and the changing...

Housing Development in Ingolstadt

The 54 terrace houses represent the first stage of a larger development and are laid out in four parallel rows about a communal landscaped space.

Multiple-Dwelling House in Munich

The form and volume of this semi-detached house, which contains three dwellings, is largely determined by the adjoining building.

House in Gerlingen

A residual site on a north-east-facing slope with a broad view over the Strohgäu area north of Stuttgart offered space for the erection of a single-family...

Pavilion Boat House in Skibbereen, Ireland

This riverside retreat consists of a single open space with a small core, containing a kitchen, WC and store.

Thoughts on Pitched Roofs

Houses of Steel

A Symbol of Technology and Modernity: the use of steel in church construction

Peter Rice - Engineer by Accident