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structure 2/2017

DETAIL structure 2/2017

Structural engineers are involved across the full spectrum of construction, from tunnels to religious architecture, and often determine the overall effect created by these projects. The gridshell of the new parish church in ­Holzkirchen immediately strikes the eye as an interesting 3D structure. The complexity and structural efficiency of the GLT construction become clear upon closer examination.

The ingenuity of the ultra-thin UHPC roof ­elements protecting the new TGV station in Montpellier from rain and sun shows itself in the distribution of the perforations in the precast units, which not only fulfils the structural engineering requirements but also varies to take the path of the sun into account.

Various temporary support systems were ­developed and designed for the construction phases of the high-speed train viaduct over the Almonte valley in Spain. With nothing left of them to see after completion, it is almost regrettable that only the builders and designers can recall these exciting intermediate stages.

This issue of DETAIL structure once again highlights the diverse contributions of structural engineers to the built environment. We wish to intensify and extend this perspective in future. Therefore, structure will appear as a stand-alone publication at the increased ­frequency of four times a year from 2018.

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DETAIL structure 2/2017

structure 2/2017

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