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Interiors / Finishings

A successful formal design transforms interior spaces from mere usable volumes to spaces for living, work and interaction, spaces that can be experienced with the senses. The way an interior space feels is influenced by factors such as size, proportioning and structuring, the relation of volume and envelope, as well as the finishing work and interplay of materials. The quality of a room is also decided by how the necessary building services are integrated.

DETAIL 4/2012 contains a broad range of interesting current examples. These include interventions in existing spaces such as the luminous trees planted in the entrance hall of the Technical Museum in Vienna by querkraft architects, the subterranean extension of the Joanneum Museum in Graz by Nieto Sobejano, or the connecting walkways crossing the atrium of the R&D building 'adidas Laces' in Herzogenaurach by kadawittfeldarchitektur.

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DETAIL 4/2012

Interiors / Finishings

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