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Hybrid Forms of Construction

Every material has special properties. Specific combinations of individual materials make it possible to create particularly high performance structures. On closer examination, most components are hybrid in nature – as composites within building materials, within façade constructions or supporting structures.

Regional materials can be combined to create architecture which is both attractive and low cost, as demonstrated by a school in Bangladesh built out of bamboo and clay bricks. The LifeCycle Tower in Dornbirn on the other hand profits from a construction based on a combination of wood and concrete on a high technological level, while the steel support structure of the Celtic Museum Glauberg juts out of a slope thanks to rear anchorage with reinforced concrete. A converted stable in Soglio qualifies as a hybrid structure in many respects: old is combined with new, natural stone with concrete and wooden beams with clay walls.

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DETAIL 12/2012

Hybrid Forms of Construction

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