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Woman's revenge for the bikini? Condom Size, an app that measures up.

Images: VSM Enterprises.

The ability of apps to solve problems we never knew we had, proceeds apace. The art has reached, what must be a zenith, with the release of Condom Size, an app from VSM Enterprises.

For those ignorant amongst us, condoms apparently come in a plethora of sizes to suit all requirements. But how to know what your requirements might actually be?

The problem is ingeniously solved with the assistance of step by step instructions, given by the app, on how to measure the male member. Users are advised to hold their erect appendage against the phone screen, presumably they mean iPad screen, where scales in inches and metric measurements are conveniently displayed.

For the measurement of girth size, you are asked to employ a piece of string, which once used, can be placed against the screen to take the all important metric.

The results advise you on the correct condom size for a perfect fit, presumably with a link to the appropriate vendor. More troublesome, the app also furnishes an overall world ranking, as well as a ranking by ethnic category.

Oh dear! I see ethnic as well as personal egos about to be deflated.

I wonder if the app logo could be used as wallpaper? Surely, knowing the app was installed on your iphone would discourage people from asking to borrow it.

Available on iTunes.


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