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Weather It's Raining or Not...!, Exhibition Hoxton Square, London by Harry Dobbs.

Art installation showing yesterday's weather.

This year's summer in London has been a joke! But then most summers in London are a joke. The British obsession with the weather is explored in a light- hearted way with the Weather It's Raining or Not...! exhibition in Hoxton Square, in east London. There are two works: a series of umbrella like structures which swivel upwards to become satellite dishes designed by Harry Dobbs, and “Yesterdays weather”, an illuminated display designed by Troika.

Yesterdays weather looks like a weather icon on a smart phone screen. It is connected to data so that it will display yesterdays weather. A tongue in cheek reference to the British need to discuss what the precipitation was yesterday. Whilst in the “umbrella” position the other sculptures provide a pic-nic shade, or rain shelter, but when swivelled up refer to the latest means of forecasting weather.

The installation is a partnership between the RIBA and Tokyo Picnic Club to host PICNOPOLIS as part of the London Festival of Architecture. See it if you can now. The closing date it has been extended.

Sattellite sculpture.

rear of dish.

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