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Vincent Callebaut Architectures: A Marine City of Waste Plastic

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut and his Paris team have developed yet another futuristic project: a city in the ocean off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, made entirely of a 3D-printed material comprising algae and recycled plastic. Each individual “seascraper” could extend as deeply as 1,000 metres below sea level. 

This innovative urban concept is named after the glowing crystal jellyfish known as Aequorea. Life in these marine-based buildings would be possible thanks to renewable energy sources. Food would come in the form of algae, plankton and molluscs, as well as vegetables and fruit that could be cultivated in the gardens and orchards located above sea level. 

Projects like this still seem a long way off, but with the speed at which new technology is developed, a city such as Aequorea could well become reality. In any case, these concepts now serve to call attention to the problem of marine pollution.

Source: Beautiful Life

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