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Vector vortex visions: by Jason Fort.

swirl of objects

The architectural vortices that have been the subject of a couple of this week's posts have left me feeling … queasy. I am therefore adopting a sort of cultural 'hair of the dog' approach hoping for a cure through looking at the work of Jason Fort.

Something of a polymath, his work looks at architecture, furniture, graphic and production design amongst other things. The experiments shown here are somewhere past the 1980's fascination with fractals and are heading towards a future of interplanetary or possibly oceanic exploration.

In this series, vector based drawings are created by de-constructing original drawings of his various inventions into their component parts. These are then multiplied, layered and coloured. It seems important to the artist that the drawings are accurate – being that they are vector based they are precise. Though what this accuracy achieves, and why it is necessary to have it, is less clear.

I am feeling thoroughly refreshed now.

Source Designboom and Jason Fort.

another swirl

blue swirl

dark swirl

blue aura


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