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Troy Trolley: La Balade des Gnomes Hotel by Mr Noël.

Every architect knows that deep down they have a bizarre idea for a building that is capable of confounding any preconceived notion of what architecture should or could be. Thankfully, few of these notions see the light of a building site, but when they do surprising things happen.

La Balade des Gnomes Hotel in Belgium, is a small farmhouse conversion with a Trojan horse, or perhaps that is a Trojan bull, its not clear from the images.

Anyway, Mr Noël, an architect turned hotelier, created the Trojan styled annex to his hotel, and in so doing gave life to that gnawing worm in the soul of each architect that, after Gaudi, they too can electrify the architectural world with a spark of genius.


Gratitude to Web Urbanist.

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