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Translucent ceramics by Masahiro Minami, with Michio Akita for Souhougama.

Photos: Masahiro Minami.


For English ladies of a certain period, the pride of her home was traditionally the quality of her fine bone china. To serve high tea in anything less would have been exceedingly detrimental to her reputation.

One of the hallmarks of the quality of bone china is its translucence. Persons partaking of the beverage may have surreptitiously held the teacup behind a light source, and from this understood the distinction of the hostess.

Socialites of today now have an opportunity to impress their guests with translucent ceramics of a different variety.

These products are designed by Masahiro Minami with Michio Akita for Souhougama who first developed and patented a new translucent ceramic material.

This porcelain is robust enough to be used for everyday objects such as wash bowls. In this range the designer has incorporated LEDs that show-off the translucent qualities of the objects.

The range will known as RENCA, and will be launched at the Tokyo Lighting Fair in early March.


Gratitude to Spoon & Tamago.


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