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Toy town: Lego like bridge by Michael Jantzen.

The US artist, Michael Jantsen, has made this proposal, that by virtue of its serrated balustrading detail, looks as though it is made of Lego. In so doing he questions the accepted notion that bridges are uppermost utilitarian objects.


It is actually proposed to make the bridge from pre-cast concrete. Symmetrical in plan about its longitudinal centre line there is a structural discipline that is clear enough, but it does not really look serious, it looks more like a toy.

There are three routes to cross. The centre route is without steps and is designed for wheelchairs, prams, and skaters. The routes at either side have steps and are identical. All the routes undulate up and down, making the journey across something of a capricious excursion over a not very busy road.

The thing about making the crossing on this bridge, is that it becomes an experience in itself, an odd, and oddly compelling playground.

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