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Thought food fish tank by Zeus.

Fish tanks are usually glass boxes, but London based artist, Dean Zeus Coleman, thinks otherwise.

Zeus, as he likes to be called, is known for typography, paintings and sculptures but even for him, the fish tank is an unusual departure. Based on a typographical style often found in graffiti, the rendering of the text in glass, brings an original interpretation, and putting fish in it, is also compelling.

The dynamic style of the lettering creates a tension with the apparent serenity of the fish swimming around, oblivious to their wider environment. And perhaps that is the point. How many times have you walked past an impressive piece of graffiti, hardly giving it a second glance?

Having a fish tank like this in your home might create another source of tension however, at the thought of having to clean it. And there again Zeus makes his point with beautiful irony at the thought of polishing his graffiti, not removing it.

Fish feeding thought!

Gratitude to Beautiful Life.

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