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The Shanxi Grand Theatre, Taiyuan, China by Arte Charpentier Architects

Shanxi theatre by day

City gateways, either physical or metaphorical, are seldom as elegant, or as heroic as the Shanxi Grand Theatre. Arte Charpentier Architects saw the project as an opportunity to take the theatre to the people by creating a giant esplanade under the building where outdoor performances can be staged. In that sense the form of the building can be seen as a proscenium arch under which performances will take place, but also as a metaphorical gateway to open expression.

On the outside the building is cool, metal clad and polished and shimmering. Inside things turn white with red occasional furniture items scattered about the foyer. In the heart of the building within the 1600 seat auditorium, performances are staged in the usual way. The theatre and everything in it is deep red! What other colour would suit the metaphor?

rear elevation of the Shanxi

lobby image

lobby levels


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