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The lie of the landscape: Twin Bridges, Xidayinggang by CA group.

Photos: Montse Zamorano.

Delicate yet bold, these twin bridges sit beautifully in their Chinese landscape.

Imagined as ghost mountains for a region of China where there are no mountains, the bridges connect into a shared notion of the classical Chinese landscape that has been idealised over centuries through the tradition of landscape painting.

Designed by Shanghai based CA Group, they are an instinctive response to the site as well as an interesting engineering response to the making of a bridge. The feature of particular interest is that the bridge arches span diagonally crossing at different heights in the centre. This has the effect of the arches reading as a range of hills from most directions, which somehow allows the arches to recede into the background as if they were the vestiges of distant foot hills to some ephemeral mountain.

Gratitude to The Fox is Black.

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