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The 128 cardboard fruit bowl by SEMdesign.

Cardboard fruit bowl

The future – some argue – is to be buried in a cardboard coffin! But if you would prefer to do your part for the environment whilst alive, consider eating from the 128 cardboard fruit bowl! SEMdesign have made this beautiful thing from 128 pieces of recycled cardboard stacked and glued together to create a two level fruit bowl that looks good enough to eat. Put the last piece of fruit on the upper level and the fruit bowl still looks full, or so it is claimed.

The cardboard has been sealed from moisture and dirt by a water based impregnation and so should stay looking good for some time. However, if you want something more substantial than cardboard, the good news is that they make a plywood version that should last you well beyond the time you will meet your maker!

close up of cardboard fruit bowl

detail of fruit bowl

ply fruit bowl

ply fruit bowl empty

detail of ply fruit bowl

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