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Testing times for student sheds: Lund, Sweden.

External view.

Photos: Jan Nordén.

As a student, living in a hovel is just part of the authentic experience. At least, that is what students tell themselves when they cannot afford to rent something better. The deceit helps to keep body and soul together!

But in Lund, Sweden, the city's building commission thought the deceit had to stop, so they did something about it in the form of this beautifully designed micro cottage of just 12 square metres. But for the hard-pressed student on a tight budget it is the rent that is most attractive at just 2500 kronor ($370) a month, compared to 4167 kronor for the average newly built student apartment in Lund.

It sounds like a winner, but Swedish red-tape has tied things up!

The micro cottages have all mod-cons including a WC, shower, a sleeping loft, a kitchenette, a study area and somewhere to dine of course. What could be sweeter?

Although up to a hundred dwellings were planned in the town, temporary approval has only been given for one, and even then students will have to compete to get it. The lucky winner will also have to keep a blog describing their experiences of living there.

And what is the technical sticking point preventing the roll-out of the dwelling exactly?

Answers on a postcard to Detail Daily....

See the Swedish take on this.

Internal view of sleeping loft.

View of bunk.

Dining table.

WC pod

End elevation.

Front door.

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