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Testing temple: Ordos, China by Margot Krasojević.

Images: Margot Krasojević.

In Kathmandu, Nepal, I once attended a short course at a Buddhist monastery by way of introduction to the religion. Much of the time was spent meditating and in particular attempting to expel spurious images from the mind. The mastery of this skill is apparently a prerequisite to finding the path towards enlightenment.

By this measure, the open Buddhist temple depicted in these images, commissioned by the city of Ordos, China from Margot Krasojević, must be intended for advanced meditators. One can only imagine the difficulty that will be encountered in expelling the image of such a striking proposal from ones mind.

The form of the proposal is apparently influenced by winding smoke from the incense burner. The worshippers are led through ever decreasing circles, until eventually, they approach the Buddha statues and the prayer /meditation area. Here are places where offerings can be left. They form part of a ceremonial procession through the various rituals that will be enacted in the temple.

Gratitude to eVolo for drawing this project to my attention.



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