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Sunny imposition: Solar Loop for New York by Paolo Venturella & MenoPiu Architects.

Images: Paolo Venturella & MenoPiu Architects.

Solar Loop was a sculptural competition entry for the Land Art Generator Initiative in Freshkills Park, New York City and was designed by Paolo Venturella & MenoPiu Architects.

Its form is generated from the sun path analysis, but in some ways what is more interesting is its approach to scale. In concept at least, it does not need exact dimensions as such, but can be regarded at a number of scales.

Because the form works with solar geometry at any scale, the piece becomes more of an idea as to how the park, for which it was designed, could be organized. Imagine the sculpture at a reasonably large scale, yielding energy, or at different scale becoming a bandstand. Or perhaps at a small scale, a statue able to educate children about the importance of the sun and renewable power.

The sculpture is composed of two surfaces that twist about each other. The first is a photovoltaic surface that captures energy from the sun, the second is a mirror polished surface that reflects light on to the PVs.

Site plan.

Solar diagrams.

Solar analysis.

Further solar analysis.


Gratitude to plusmood for drawing the project to my attention.


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