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Student swinging: A small house by Tengbom Architects.

In the normal scale of things 10 square metres does not constitute a place to live, unless you are a dog that is. But if you are a Swedish student, thanks to some very clever work from Tengbom Architects, 10, beautifully designed, square meters is what you might get.

Living in a cross between a kennel and a detached house, kitted out with all mod-cons, you will have to be very creative if you are going to rip-roar your way through university living in a place like this. There will certainly be no swinging, or keeping of cats.

In a particularly bold move, the current minimum requirement of 25 square metres has been reduced to just 10 square metres. More importantly for some, the rent will drop by 50% below the typical level.

The construction material is cross laminated wood which is carbon positive, and helps to make this building entirely sustainable.

In 2014, 22 units will be built, but for the meantime the building is currently exhibited at the Virserum Art Museum, Småland, Sweden. The project is a collaboration with wood manufacturer Martinsons and real estate company AF Bostäder.

Christopher C. Hill.

Gratitude to Daily Tonic.

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