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Space and sensation: “Edge” By Soyun Park

The prosthetic extension to the human body, as the first unit of architectural space, is a theme that continues to be productively explored. Soyun Park, who works out of Victoria University in Wellington, New Zeeland, has produced this beautiful set of rings that “measures” the human size in terms of minimum and maximum dimensions.

The internal surface of each ring is encrusted with a series of solid cubes that touch the skin at their corners, taking the gauge of the body. Between the ring's inner surface and the skin, a layer of sub-architectural scale space is revealed.

Such is the intimacy of this space, others are usually forbidden from entry to it, save by invitation.

Some of the rings have cubes on the external surface. These cubes are hallow. They suggest an external dimension to the body – a spatial envelope of sensory intensity.

The rings are rendered in a translucent material, a ghostly reminder of the intimate space that envelops the body, but that is seldom considered.

Gratitude to Mocoloco.

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