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Smelling of roses: House Vision 2013 exhibition, Tokyo Japan.

When young architects and interior designers first enter practice, they often despair when they are put on “bog duty” that is when they are called upon to design the tile layouts of the WCs adhering to the doctrinal position that tiles should never be cut! It is tiresome to untrained minds because it means drawing every tile and stop bead usually at twice real scale. It is rigorous training and repetitive, … “and well, it is only the bathroom”. So much to learn!

It soon dawns however, that time in the bathroom well spent, and in the hands of masters, this extraordinary vision of how bathrooms could be has emerged.

Designed by Naruse Inokuma Architects and Botanical Artist Makoto Azuma working with a Japanese toilet and window manufacturer, is “gokujo no heya” (room of exquisiteness). Here the designers have dedicated all the resources necessary to make something truly exquisite.

As a bathroom, this design is hopeless. So popular would it be to spend time in there, it would need its own booking system!

Exhibited at House Vision 2013, Tokyo until 24th March.


Gratitude to Spoon and Tamago.

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