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Simple storage system

Zanco, Eddie Figueroa Feliciano, 2011

Eddie Figueroa Feliciano designed a modular storage system based on Puerto Rican building tradition that is impressively simple.Figueroa, a Puerto Rican designer based in Milano, created the modular multifunctional container system Zanco in reference to the simple architecture building system used in impoverished neighborhoods of Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Islands before their industrialization after the second world war: A simple construction made out of inexpensive materials, that can be erected without many tools and without too much technical knowledge necessary.

Zanco’s structure consists of round wooden elements fastened to a three-dimensional grid.

An easily constructed wooden framework to hold containers of various sizes, Eddie Figueroa Feliciano, 2011

In between the frames removable containers can be hang that are made out of flexible woven nylon nets of a size of up to 50 cm x 50 cm (1'8" x 1'8"). The flexible translucent nets of the containers adjust in height with the amount of objects stored and allow discovering the objects contained within.

The removable containers can be placed more temporarily at the open end of structure or more safely in its center, Eddie Figueroa Feliciano, 2011

Several containers can be hung in the frames of the structure at the same time – next to or on top of each other, depending on how much weight the nets have to hold.

The flexible nets of the containers allow to store a various amount of objects, Eddie Figueroa Feliciano, 2011

Several containers can be placed at various heights, Eddie Figueroa Feliciano, 2011


Figueroa modular container system deals with the issue of showing and containing objects, putting the user in possibly in the position of presenting private collections in a rather public display.

Zanco is an interesting design to look at in the debate on the necessity to include cultural identity in design.

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