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Shipping out: An airship for a new kind of nomad by Timon Sager

Iirship from below

Yesterday when looking at furniture by Aston Martin I was marvelling at the association of the fast car to generate an emotional response in some people. Well ... cars are OK for those with their feet on the ground, but for dreamers with their heads in the clouds, the Wolke 7 is in another league. Forget house boats, caravans and even penthouse apartments. The airship is the new vehicle of choice for the modern adventurer.

This speculation by the Swiss Designer Timon Sager somehow captures the glamour associated with travel on the great liners and airships of the 1930s with the opulence of the private yacht or plane. I only hope there is a cool place for the Champagne.

side elevation

from the front

from below

view of the accomodation

cabin view

close up of cockpit

inside cabin

view in landscape

view over sea

In the clouds


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