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Richard Neutra: The undiscovered furniture designer

Lovell Easy Chair (1929), Low Organic Table (1945), Cantilever Chair Wood (1942)

Lovell Easy Chair (1929), Low Organic Table (1945), and Cantilever Chair Wood (1942) form Neutra Furniture Collection

His light-flooded houses are icons of the International style. Now an entire furniture collection based on designs by Austrian-American architect Richard J. Neutra (1892-1970) is to be issued.

VS, a manufacturer of furniture for schools and offices, has obtained the rights to Neutra’s designs and is now producing the pieces originally created in limited series or even individual pieces for the clients of Neutra’s California houses. In all, the collection comprises 27 different pieces made of wood and steel tubing, including the Boomerang Chair, a piece characteristic of the 1940s. The Lovell Easy Chair, however, was never made; until now it has existed only as a drawing planned for the Lovell Health House, which was built in 1929.

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Boomerang Chair (1942)

Boomerang Chair (1942)


Not realized in 1929: Sketch by Richard Neutra for the Lovell Health House. Today part of the Neutra Funiture Collection, named 'Lovell Easy Chair Steel'.

Series of armchairs and sofas 'Alpha Seating'

Series of armchairs and sofas 'Alpha Seating' (1929)

Neutra Furniture Collection by VS

Neutra Furniture Collection by VS

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