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Puffed-up: the Bathroom Bubble.

A travelling exhibition with the intriguing name of “Pop Up My Bathroom” is already provoking interesting ideas. This one, “Bathroom Bubble”, is a luxury bathroom that … can be installed anywhere!

It commands a 360 degree view through its plastic membrane and brings a whole new dimension to the concept of personal, private space.

The odd thing, is that this looks radical at all. After all, the Romans had communal toilets and baths.

But like the famous painting Le déjuner sur l'herbe by Manet, it is the fact that only a single person in the company would be naked that startles the viewer and objectifies the naked one.

Not even the bloke in the PR shots of the bubble had the courage for that!

You can see the Bathroom Bubble and lots of other interesting bathroom ideas at the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt Germany from 12th to 16th March.

You can see Le dejuner sur l'herbe, and lots of other interesting paintings in Paris at the Musée d'Orsay.


Gratitude to URDesign for drawing my attention to this project.


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