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Point 92, Selangor, Malaysia by Zig Design.

Photo credits: Courtesy of Zig Design

Known locally as “Fendi Bag” Point 92 in Selangor, Malaysia, was designed to be a statement but not a “one liner”. From the photographs it is difficult to get an overall impression of the building, but one does get a sense of the many aspects the building presents, and a sense that they are part of a cohesive whole.

Designed by Zig Design, the building begins as a route, winding up a steep hill through a dense landscape. Approaching the building, negative space has been cut from the volume to create an entrance colonnade that is also of a smaller, more appropriate scale, to welcome the visitor. Other cuts into the volume provide light wells, views, high-level terraces, and prevent overshadowing of surrounding land.

The form that is left cuts into the hill, and accommodates 19 floors of mostly apartments with some office space. The plot size is just 0.92 acres, providing the building with its name.



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