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Packaging design for Bananas

Naturally, this doesn’t mean that the actual banana peel will be redesigned; no designer could shape the world as cleverly and practically as nature already has. However, the inner quality of the Shiawase banana, which is distributed throughout Japan by the Japanese importer Unifrutti, will now shine through.

This is where design comes into play: designers from the jack-of-all-trades studio Nendo have developed a sticker customized to the shape of a banana. This sticker will not only be printed with all the information relevant to the banana, it will also protect the fruit from bruising and other damage. The accompanying paper bag is shaped like a banana leaf, underscoring the idea of sustainability.    

Be that as it may, there is still a ‘why’ hanging in the air, although this project is primarily meant to show that some bananas are more equal than others.

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