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Pachacamac Hill House: Peru by Louis Longhi

house entrance

Whilst it is convenient to have a hook on which an architect can hang their work, for example a particular and recognisable style, sometimes work proceeds more by instinct. For such designers, responses are intuitive and highly dependent on context and brief. Louis Longhi might be considered such an architect, and as you might expect, his work shows great sensitivity.

The Pachacamac Hill House (2007) is an excellent example of architecture in its fullest context. It is plain to see how its materiality fits perfectly into its location, and how its form works with the hill in terms of its topography, views and orientation. Sun and light are important considerations, but there is also an historical inflection. Although the project is just a few years old it recalls the ruins of ancient civilisations, without the slightest reference to a historical style.

If it still exists, I am confident this house will look timeless in centuries to come!

aerial view

exterior walls

glimpse of landscape


internal room

internal coridor

site plan


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