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Out of this world: Design museum Beijing by Studio Pei-Zhu.

exterior perspective

It might help to think of this building as an elaborate set that is intended to look out of this world, or perhaps not of this world.

The interior is a place where fashion shows and conceptual car shows will take place and is conceived as one continuous white, curved wall that will cast no shadow. The design objects and clothes to be shown will add the necessary colour to the interiors, whilst the amorphous background will de-contextualize the objects on display to such a degree that it is but a short step to imagine them as from another planet!

The designers, Studio Pei-Zhu conceived this borderless interior space in the way an installation by James Turrell appears to float and move relative to its context.

The exterior of the building borrows from sci-fi imagery to such a degree that the building itself becomes de-contextualized and can be seen not just as a billboard advertising the museum, but also a show of strength that China no longer needs to import architects and designers to compete with the rest of the world.

This building appears simultaneously strange and amazing.

flying saucer landed view

interior foyer

looking at balcony

internal atrium

lone person

roof lights

internal stair

infinity and beyond

under the saucer


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