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Opposing the Hegemony of Flat: Serif TV by the Brothers Bouroullec

The Serif TV series has just been introduced at the London Design Festival. It represents a collaborative project by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Samsung

Serif presents a clear alternative to all the TV sets which live out their existence as flat, black panes hung on the wall or balanced on discreet stands.

Serif takes its name from the letter I, whose upper-case form gives the TV its silhouette, which resembles a minimalistic picture frame. The TV again becomes a piece of furniture, offering its top as a surface for knick-knacks and reclining cats (see photo). In other words, anything can be placed on the device, meaning it can be incorporated into any home’s environment. Even the backside of the set is covered with fabric which tastefully conceals that distressing cable spaghetti. Even the startup screen that appears when the TV is switched on was designed by the Bouroullecs. 

Serif is available in three sizes and three colours: white, navy and red. The two larger models can also stand on four screw-on legs that recall the blackboards of our schooldays. Click here to watch a film about this new TV.

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