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Never Never Land House, Ibiza Balearic Islands by Andres Jaque Arquitectos.

Perspective from below.

Photos: Andres Jaque Arquitectos

The narrative of Ibiza as the playground of much of Europe's youth, masks the rather more complex everyday experience of people living on the island. Dystopian consequences result from the endless waves of tourists which include little time and space amongst the local population for putting down deeper social roots with the tourists, and the cyclical fluctuation of economic activity produces a level of instability and insecurity. Tourist and local resident are often locked in a symbiotic relationship that precludes meaningful social interaction beyond the transaction.

Andres Jaque was inspired by these difficulties and felt a need to respond to them with the Never Never Land House. His starting position was to propose a restitution of social relations.

The house is arranged on a steeply sloping site of 1300 square metres. It is composed of a main residence with a pair of huts that double as summer rental units. They are aimed at visitors seeking an element of authentic Ibiza. People staying in the property share certain facilities with the main house requiring a social intercourse not present in a hotel situation.

Most of the accommodation, around 80%, is raised on piles allowing the vegetation to flow through the composition. There are other environmental benefits to this strategy such as avoiding the impediment of ground flow. This creates a more natural environment that favours native species over alien varieties that thrive on irrigated ground. The continuity of landscape at ground level also enables wildlife to more easily live under, around and amongst the buildings.

The architectural expression offers a challenge to what one might expect from authentic Ibiza. Reference look at the 1960 when the island's population mushroomed as jet-powered mass-tourism reached those quarters.

View over plunge pool.

View over nfinity pool.

View into the kitchen.

Glimpse of the bedroom.

ElevationsElevations of the other side.

Site plan.

View of cardboard model.

Another view of the model.

another model view.


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