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More lively architecture from the Lively Architectures Festival, Montpelier, France.

Following on from yesterdays exciting images from the Montpelier Lively Architectures Festival is another crop of this year's competitors.

“Smooth Rock” explores the double curved surface to create a free-standing undulating landscape.

“Cite Surprise City Surprenante” is an installation of boxes suspended in space. The boxes are interconnected and allow views out through periscopes when viewed from inside.

“Topographie de la Surprise “ Smell is the most neglected of senses when it comes to architecture. But this installation explores what a landscape might smell like with suspended net of hanging lavender.

The play on sunflowers is a little joke, but one that allows the courtyard space to be explored using light in the form of mirrors on extendible stalks. Little patches of light are reflected in to usually dark recesses in this cheerful installation “Tournearound”.

A false space above is suggested with “Le Retournement du Ciel” is uses a hanging translucent fabric to suggest a tromploi that appears superimposed on the old building behind.

Using reflective metal to create a sculpture of curlicues is the impression given by Forêt Urbane. The background architecture is utterly distorted, but still links with the contemporary piece.

Finally the “Pavillon du Fav” is cubic I form externally but has a ball shaped space inside. Short sticks of wood are arranged to simultaneously define the internal and external spaces.

Congratulations Montpelier on an interesting and thoughtful exhibition!


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