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Modular system for a soft shelter

softwall+softblock by molo, 2011

The softwall + softblock modular system by molo that can be shaped into a soft shelter to divide interior spaces was on display at the Maison & Objet design fair in Paris last week.The Vancouver based collaborative design and production studio molo created with softwall + softblock a basic system that divides spaces by making use of light, flexible and rather inexpensive materials that are formed to flexible honeycomb structures that can expand, contract and flex.

The flexible honeycomb structure can be arranged to shape spaces, softwall+softblock, by molo, 2011

The modular elements are either made out of a 100% polyethylene non-woven translucent white and opaque black textile that is highly tear, UV and water resistant or they are made out of kraft paper - an unbleached brown paper made with 50% recycled fibre and 50% new long fibre that reinforces the smaller recycled fibre to make a stiff robust paper.

Modular elements made out of textile or kraft paper form acoustic barriers and sculpt the light, softwall+softblock by molo, 2011

The cellular structure and vertical pleats that run the course of an expanded wall serve to dampen sound while they at the same time sculpt the light of a space.

Elements in the softwall + softblock modular system are connected together with concealed magnets that are placed at the vertical joints between elements. By means of magnetic end panels the modules can then also anchor to any steel or magnetic surface.

When arranging the softwall+softblock elements spaces and seating arrangements can be created that are uniquely shaped and thus apt for a specific occasion or space. They can be used in a temporary setting to then be folded away for storage and later to be reinstalled and reshaped again in variable ways. Therefore molo's system could be introduced as an alternative to inflexible partition elements and as a basis for the creation of new concepts of arranging temporary interior spaces.

softshelter by molo, 2011

A concept proposed by molo last summer is for example the introduction of the softwall+softblock elements to create a softshelter as a solution to homelessness caused by disaster: A softshelter system could be formed by several elements to create personal space within a larger shelter area in order to provide individuals and families with a sense of privacy and encourage community-building in the days following a disaster.


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