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Mirror, mirror on the wall: Breath Box by NAS architecture

Breath Box by NAS architecture On the occasion of the Festival of Lively Architecture, NAS architecture has created this pavilion, which features a shell that ‘breathes’.

With Breath Box, NAS wanted to make the wind not only a haptic experience, but a visual one as well. Therefore, they designed a reflective façade consisting of hundreds of moving mirrors. When the wind is strong enough, these mirrors move in different ways and produce a living façade. Even inside the pavilion, the individual mirrors produce fascinating plays of light and set a contrast to the dark wood interior. The location of this project - on the coast of the French town of La Grande-Motte – is perfect.

Breath-Box-NAS-2Breath-Box-NAS-3Breath-Box-NAS-4Breath-Box-NAS-5Breath-Box-NAS-6Breath-Box-NAS-7Breath-Box-NAS-8Breath-Box-NAS-9Breath-Box-NAS-10Breath-Box-NAS-11Breath-Box-NAS-12Sche´mas Plaques

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