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London's LEGO greenhouse

LEGO greenhouse designed by Sebastian Bergne

A greenhouse built out of LEGO bricks with plants and vegetables was installed at Covent Garden during last week’s London Design Week 2011.

The London-based designer Sebastian Bergne was commissioned by LEGO UK to produce a large-scale public installation made entirely of LEGO bricks that actually functions greenhouse.

LEGO greenhouse installed within Covent Gardens North-East piazza. Design bySebastian Bergne

Bergne designed the LEGO greenhouse according to the form of an ordinary suburban glasshouse, but with walls, floors and earth entirely built from the iconic building bricks that were contrasted by the living plants and vegetables growing within.

While the building appeared at daylight like an alien dropped into a new environment, it became at night a glowing box glowing that came to life with the plants it contained.

The LEGO greenhouse becomes a glowing box at night. Design by Sebastian Bergne

The LEGO greenhouse was set up temporarily in the North-East piazza of Covent Garden, London's historic fruit and vegetable market. The installation was thus moderately and indirectly linked to the site and the contemporary discussion about urban agriculture self-grown food in the city for a sustainable future urban development.

The living plants and vegetable within the greenhouse are contrasting the mass-produced LEGO bricks. Design by Sebastian Bergne

By installing a mass-produced LEGO structure and contrasting it with the natural growing environment, the designer challenged passersby and designers to look at LEGO in a new way.

The LEGO greenhouse resembled an ordinary suburban glasshouse. Design by Sebastian Bergne

The building’s framework was built and installed by Duncan Titmarsh, the only LEGO certified professional in the UK.

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