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Living in a Silo: Round it Goes

After acquiring the silo from its original owner, Kaiser had it transported by truck to his home in the historic Garfield District of Phoenix, Arizona. The result: an extraordinary building that shows what can be done with an unconventional –and previously uninhabitable – structure. The silo was tall enough for two storeys. Of course, extensive modifications were required, such as bespoke windows and doors as well as a thick layer of spray-on insulation to deflect the burning Arizona sun. 

Inside, Kaiser worked precisely with the round shape of the silo, as he had done when he designed the windows and doors. The cupboards, counters and even the sofas are rounded in order to save as much space as possible in the small house. Correspondingly, everything except the two Eames Wire Chairs has been made by hand.

A stairway made of wood and black steel leads from the ground-floor living space up to the bedroom. This is lit by a skylight set into the conical roof. The effect here is airy and open. The silo, where Kaiser lives with his wife, seems significantly larger than the actual 32 m² it has to offer.

Source: Beautiful Life

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