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Lively Architectures Festival, Montpelier, France. Part 1

Installation from above

Eleven teams competed in the seventh Lively Architectures Festival this year in Montpelier France. The Jury's prize went to Berlin architect Julie Biron with her installation “Ne dérangez pas mes cerlces”. A special mention was given to the University Laval of Quebec for ‘Première Neige’. Lastly, the public decreed that “ByeByeBallon” designed by the Shalumo team from Bordeaux was their favourite.

There was so much interesting work that I have split it into two posts with the second to follow tomorrow.

It is the sharp, clean line of the shiny metal disks that contrast so effectively with the old stonework that gives the Jury's favourite “Ne dérangez pas mes cerlces” an edge. But also when people walk through the installation, the play with scale is very effective.

The second installation featured today is ‘Première Neige’ and in form is a kind of an inverted square tent into which people can poke their body from underneath. When inside the tent a new impression of the space is given by the white surface of the fabric.

ByeByeBallon explores material texture and reflectivity. Reflections from the balloons fill the space with distorted images of itself that is fluid with every draft of air.

So much for the judges favourites. “The fourth installation: “Invitation a la Levitation” creates a pile of boxes with a red chair on top. The boxes are printed with distorted images of the surrounding architecture that when viewed from a particular point blend with the background. The chair appears to float!

Finally “Reframe” creates a series of frames or slices from plastic sheet that are arranged in a cube. Walking between the slices gives interesting new perspectives of the surrounding architecture. A sort of portal on to the historic fabric.

Tomorrows installations are just as exciting!

Detail of disks from above.

Disks from the ground.

Firs snow installation.

Installaion in use.

In the tent

Rear view

Distortion in the courtyard.

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