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It rocks: Stripe Chair by Oliver Schick.

Front view.When the German designer Oliver Schick wanted to create a rocking chair, he was able to see past the time honoured notion of a one-piece rigid chair that relied upon a curved ski-like base to rock.

Instead, he imparted a minimalist elegance to a design that yields-not its true function to the casual observer, but requires and invites a more direct and engaged interaction.

To understand it you must sit on it!

The chair seat and back is made of a single piece of bent ply-wood. On this base are upholstered pads providing comfort, in this case finished in black leather. The seat frame is from fine section steel, also with a matching black coating.

The magic, if that is the correct term for the concealed mechanical trickery, is in the connection of the frame and seat. The seat is suspended from the frame with a joint that allows various rotational movement, thus allowing the seat to move back and forth imparting that all important rocking sensation.


Gratitude to Home Klondike for drawing this chair to my attention.


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