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Inspiration Centre, Holland by Paul de Ruiter Architects.

elevation image

The search for inspiration is as old as the human species itself. Paul de Ruiter Architects has won an invited competition that gives the practice an opportunity to institutionalise that eternal search. The form will be an architectural one, located on the Brouwers Dam in the Grevelingen area of the Holland. Will the building become an new archetype?

I am not sure it will. The building might simply be considered a visitor centre, however, perhaps more importantly, it will create a new perspective on an area of land that has become a beautiful nature reserve. Visitors to the area will be able to learn about the process of land reclamation and the delicate ecosystems that are created as a result of it.

Architecturally, the building has a long low volume and a taller tower. The tower will become a marker on the landscape providing an orientation point and a draw for tourists.

The roofs are planted with local vegetation so will fit in to the landscape. The façades sound very interesting as they are made from reeds, but we will have to wait to see it they are genuinely made from reed, such as a woven construction, or if reeds are trapped in say a glass panel.

Construction is scheduled to start early next year.

night shot

end view

distant view


internal atrium

looking down from the tower


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