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Ingenious: Journal with a magnetic spine

The product concerned – Rekonect Notebook – will do away with torn-out pages and heaps of loose sheets. This is because it features metal-edged pages held in place by a magnetic spine, making it possible to remove individual pages and insert them again at another place, even to the extent of rearranging them completely. This also makes it easy to copy or scan individual pages with sketches or important notes. In a very practical touch, the magnetic spine can hold any type of pen in place, provided of course the writing implement contains metal. According to the creators, CJ Good-Man of Laguna Beach, California, the magnets will not be strong enough to pose a hazard to smartphones and so on. Once produced the notebook will have the classical look so much valued in products of this type, namely a black cover and strong elastic to hold it closed.  

The project is currently in the financing phase at the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and even at this early post-launch stage shows every sign of being implemented. Assuming things go to plan, the first Rekonect Notebooks will be hitting the market in April 2016. Watch the film on the book here.

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