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Images of paradise: Tropical room dissections by Benjamin Rawson.

Images: Benjamin Rawson.

Houses as the places where we live are something that affect us all, yet remarkably few people seek to explore them in terms of what they are, what they represent, why are they arranged so.

The artist Benjamin Rawson successfully explores some of these questions in this intriguing series of images.

The images that fascinate me most are the ones that are presented as semi architectural drawings, in this case iso-metric projections. The fact they are not in “Renaissance perspective”, or one-point perspective suggests an exploration of the totality in the way that working architectural drawings relate to the entire thing to be constructed rather than just the idea or single point behind it.

I do not think that attempting to draw conclusions from the pictures is the point, rather would you like to experience the places that inspired them?

Caution, all might not be as it appears!


Gratitude to Beautiful Decay.


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