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Heavens above: Wedding chapel, Florida, by Brooks Scarpa Architects with KZF Design.

Perspective from the lake.

Images: Brooks Scarpa Architects.

When getting married in a church or temple of some kind, the solemnity and gravity of the occasion is perhaps rendered in the notion of standing before God or a God, depending on your beliefs. But where spaces are not dedicated to a single, or any faith, and religious symbols are absent, how does the architect spatially anchor the weight of the ritual?

Brooks Scarpa Architectshave proposed this scheme that focuses its attention on the perceived constancy of the Pole or North star, whose light if it could be seen, would illuminate the alter through a high-level aperture.

The overall form of the chapel is a literal interpretation of a traditional white wedding dress complete with veil and train. Although some cultures and religions might not recognise, or appreciate such symbolism, the power of the space itself is more than sufficient to lift the proposition to a universal relevance.

The interior space also connects to its pretty location by strategic openings and views that allow a sudden and unexpected glimpse of the setting. In the same way, other astral occurrences are acknowledged such as the summer and winter solstices.

Besides weddings, the building has other functions such as a music performance space and as a place for reflection.

The structure uses a timber lamella and is designed with a number of passive design strategies to make it highly sustainable and efficient.

Interior perspective

South elevation.

East elevation.

Wst elevation.

Sight plan.

Form generation diagram.

Gratitude to ArchDaily for drawing this project to my attention.


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