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Health and safety at work: Sex boxes, a new archetype.


We have had drive in cinemas, burger joints, and in Australia, drive through alcohol vendors. However, authorities in a Swiss National Park have topped them all by developing a new type of work place for what is sometimes called the oldest profession of all - prostitution.

The structures create what is almost certainly a new archetype.

The “sex boxes”, as they have been dubbed, resemble an open car garage with their timber slatted enclosure. Car drivers will pass a parade of up to 40 sex workers from which they will choose to make the transaction. Once a fee has been negotiated, the worker will get in the car that will drive into one of the enclosures.

Internally, and reminiscent of the best health and safety at work practice, will be posters advocating the use of a condom, and warning of the risk of AIDS. There is also an alarm that can be sounded in case of an incident arising. Pedestrians and motorcycle users are sadly not permitted to use the facility. Perhaps the thinking is that they are catered for elsewhere.

The intention of the authorities is to regulate prostitution, combat pimping, and improve security for sex workers. The facility will open on August 26, and its hours of operation are from early evening to 5am each day, though the stay of individual visitors is expected to be rather shorter.

I wonder what Ledoux would have thought of it?


Gratitude to the Telegraph.

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