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Haunting voices: Tales from the bridge, London

St Pauls and the bridge.

From the “blade of light” as the authors of the Millennium Bridge in London like it to be known, come strange and unusual noises. The poet Mario Petrucci has devised snippets of poetry, statistics and facts to create a soundscape that envelops the “wobbly bridge”. Unsuspecting walkers on the bridge trigger different sounds in an interactive and ever changing fest of audio art created by Martin Ware with artistic Director David Bickerstaff.

One highlight is a performance of Water Night, a composition by Eric Whitacre based on a short poem by Octavio Paz. A chorus of 3,746 voices sing out every hour. Whilst the noise contrasts with the sounds of the city it also connects with the spirit of St Paul's Cathedral a short walk away.

8.00am to 10.00pm until 10th September.


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