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Hanging out: Hall furniture by Annie Granath and Charlotte Ackemar.

If the hall to your home is anything like mine there will be boots, shoes clothes, hats and umbrellas all over the place!

Annie Granath and Charlotte Ackemar have realised that the hall is a place where function is important, but that it is a room that is often overlooked. They plan to change this with their collection of hall furniture.

There are three pieces: a mobile lean-to mirror, a long seat with a net underbelly, and a standing cabinet with a drawer also with a net underbelly.

The pieces look to be beautifully made from blond wood and to be functional. In design terms they sit firmly in the Scandinavian tradition but they have an unusual aspect that is the green net or “elastic stomach” as the designers refer to it.

Is there a contradiction in the idea that furniture intended to tidy your hall should have a sagging stomach where your stuff hangs out? There is something very human about this concept... and it provides a sculptural question to ponder!

The pieces are on display at this year's Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.


Gratitude to Mocoloco.

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