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Growing concern: REK an expandable bookcase by Reinier de Jong.

Photos: Peter van Dijk.


After a long period of indecision I have finally given-up on books, well the printed version at least. Audio books and ebooks are convenient to read and best of all easy to store. I am not the only one of course, in fact I have been a late adopter as they say. It is in response to fewer printed books being purchased that Reinier de Jong has revised its well known classic the REK expandable bookcase.

Is this a counter intuitive move?

Not according to the designer Reinier de Jong who argues that printed books are no longer the functional carriers of information they once were, but are now markers or artefacts of identity. He has a point, though it is not a new idea. How many times have you looked at a person reading a book in a public place and taken a snap impression of them influenced by the book they are reading?

Mr de Jong believes that bookshelves have also evolved from their primarily functional role of holding books, to becoming a well designed furniture object in their own right. Something like an elegant cupboard for fine glassware, or a wonderful frame for a good painting, bookshelves now carry fewer, but more choice books.

The new REK is lighter than the original version and now has a recycled HPL finish by Abet Laminati.



Gratitude to Mocoloco.


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