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Groovy stuff: Artist and maker Christina Waterson.

Photographer: David Sandison.

One of Australia's bright young talents, Christina Waterson, is an artist and maker who has also trained as an architect.

After winning a Churchill Fellowship in 2010, she travelled to Kyoto, Beijing, Istanbul and London, studying the origins of patterns, an interest of hers since early childhood. In those countries she also worked with craftsmen who descend from generations of masters.

Interpreting this ancient knowledge with her contemporary design sensibilities, gives her work a particular quality. No doubt informed by her architectural training, and knowledge of three dimensional geometry, it is also spatial.

The weavings and foldings of hard materials that she creates, are beautiful, full of skill, and utterly mesmerising.

The artist often finds beauty in repetition. It is this that transports the viewer deep into the spatial and rhythmic qualities of her work. It is almost impossible to resist being drawn into a kind of groove, an aesthetic state of bliss that involves being lost in their often delicate complexity.

Sometimes she uses the most unlikely of materials such as cable ties and plastic off-cuts, finding beauty where few could suspect it exists. Waterson currently works out of Brisbane, but her installations and works are known around Australia and abroad.

Followers of this blog will know that I have been on a visiting professorship to Bond University for the last three and a half months from where I have been writing. I came to know Christina Waterson when, after discovering her work, she kindly accepted an invitation to be a guest critic to my students.

Visit her blog and trace her journey through Japan , China and Turkey.

Today, I leave Australia to return to London.

Christopher C. Hill.

Photographer: Tobias Titz.

Photographer David Sandison:

Photographer David Sandison.

Photographer: Jon Linkins.


Photographer: CFJ Photography.

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