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Gnawing boundaries: wooden figures by Aaron Demetz.

Photos:Gazelli Art House.

We have all seen terrible hair transplants where the aesthetically challenged surgeon has planted new hairs in rows making somebody's head look like a plantation... well hold that thought for a moment while pondering these sculptures by Aaron Demetz.

London is being treated to a show from the Italian sculpture Aaron Demetz who is showing with the Korean, Shan Hur in The Tainted exhibition at the Gazelli Art House.

Demetz has been exploring the human form for some time, but here his incredible wood carving skills seem to gnaw away at the very line between nature and the fabricated construct.

These pieces are made of wood and in parts are beautifully smooth. But in other areas, the artist teases out the very fibres of the wood to give the impression of hair growing from the inanimate object. In this way, the purity of the object is defiled, but it seems like it is nature's own work.

It also seems like precisely the inverse of the work of those hack-surgeons extracting cash from the tender egos of bald men, yet the physical appearance of the wood hair, and the wooden hair-job have certain similarities in both physical and conceptual forms.

Until the 5th June 2013.


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