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Furniture as architecture: by Jean-Maxime Labrecque.

Aerial view.

Photos: Frédéric Bouchard

In the 19th century, a famous French pastry chef thought of his craft as the fountain of all art! The chef may well have been deluded as he was also believed to regard architecture as a sub-set of decorative pastry. The point though, is when does the influence of one art, become the practice of another?

The architect Jean-Maxime Labrecque is exploring the point at which furniture becomes architecture with this interiors project in Canada. He sees its beginnings inspired by the work of the artist Donald Judd.

The furniture project inhabits a warehouse stripped back to its shell and core. It provides walk-in closet, bookshelf, sofa, stools, kitchen bed and storage. The furniture is finished in polished aluminium and is seen as a single object that inhabits the space, providing zones where certain activities can be performed such as sleeping, lounging or cooking.

The furniture pieces appear abstract and, without visual clues that we often take for granted, it is difficult to tell how some pieces might be used... but that is surely part of the fun.

General view.

Pull out closet.

Walk in wardrobe.

Storage cupboards.


The kitchen zone.

The lounge zone.

The lounge area.

Kitchen detail.

View into bathroom.

Kitchen and bathroom.


Wash basin.

Amd so to bed.


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