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Frozen Relics: Arctic Works, Exhibition at The AA London.

Photos: ScanLAB

There is still time to catch the last couple of days of the Frozen Relics: Exhibition at The Architectural Association, London.

ScanLAB Projects use 3d scanning technology to capture real life spatial phenomena on location anywhere in the world, which then enables them to recreate those phenomena in a different context at a different time.

The Arctic Sunrise’ ScanLab documented a series of ice floes in the Fram Strait North West of Svalbard, Norway. The team captured a total of 26 floes over two expeditions. Their work involved mapping their surfaces, analysing core samples of the ice and mapping their drift through the ice pack.

Frozen Relic: Arctic Works temporally recreates the landscapes that have been scanned using frozen salt water. A CNC robotic arm carves the ice using the data model from the survey, that was created using sonar scanning from below the water and laser scanning from above. In the exhibition the waterline is replaced by eye level.

Gratitude to Notcot.

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